Beaded Nigerian Headdress Yaruba Tribe

Beaded Nigerian Headdress Yaruba Tribe

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Large - 21"headdress, 18"strings (3 ft in total w/ stand)

Elaborately beaded Yoruba crowns (ade) and other artifacts do not simply add beauty or signify high social status. The ade is the most important object in royal Yoruba regalia and the right to wear one is limited to a small number of kings (obas) descended from royal families. The beaded veil that hangs down from the headdress is an important part of the crown. By covering the king's face, the veil downplays the king's identity as an individual and reinforces his role as divine leader. The veil is also said to protect onlookers from the king's powerful gaze.

The inclusion of birds on the crown refers to the spirit world and the king's ability to mediate between the realms of human beings and spirits, the secular world and the spiritual one. Birds are also said to represent female power, in its nurturing (motherly) and destructive (witch-like) aspects. It is commonly accepted that the oba (king) cannot rule without the cooperation and support of the women in his village.

Repeated patterns in the design suggest the interconnectedness of all life and the balance needed to sustain it. On a crown, such patterns can furthermore refer to the connection between the current king (oba) to previous kings through the hereditary line.

Hand made in Nigeria.

Please note, this item is handmade and one of a kind and may have indigenous decorative repair work which adds to its intrinsic beauty. No two items are exactly the same.