Voyage et Cie Candle Classic
Voyage et Cie Candle Classic

Voyage et Cie Candle Classic

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Hand poured candle from Voyage et Cie. Organic & Sustainable 100% Soy/Coconut Blend. 14 oz. Burn Time: 80 Hours.

St Barths Amber ~ amber, orange, lemon, spiced balsam, patchouli, musk and vanilla bean

Jasmine Coco ~ ylang ylang, jasmine, cyclamen, honeysuckle, vanilla, and musk

Barcelona Orange Blossom ~ zesty orange, ylang, neroli and musk

Quartier Latin Santal Epicier ~ cedar wood, sandalwood, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of an amber-woody base note

Saint Germain Figue Cypress - Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fig, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, amber, Musk

Avenue Montaine Seduction ~ lemon, spearmint, black currant, apple, ginger, clove, jasmine, vanilla, and basil

Havana Tabac Vanille ~ tobacco-infused vanilla scent with a hint of sweetness and musky undertones

Canal St. Martin Geranium Rose ~ African geranium leaf, Moroccan rose, pink peppercorn, and bergamot.

Los Angeles Marmont Lane ~ White flowers, ginger, citrus and tea.

Malibu No.77 ~ The clean scent of ocean breeze with a mix of coconut and tropical florals.

Tulum Coconoix ~ Rich, decadent coconut, grounded by earthy vanilla.

 Boudoir ~ Fig and sheer florals with a hint of greens.