MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum
MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum

MAISON d’ETTO Eau De Parfum

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Eau de Parfum ( ℮ 60 ml / 2 fl. oz. )


A bold leather and woody olfactive experience by Carlos Benaïm. Sensuous, opulent notes of cedarwood, leather and stallion. Touched with the salty minerality of a 4pm ocean breeze rolling inland and dust settling on a freshly washed saddle. This evocative bouquet encourages us to harness our inner power. Rotano emboldens us to live with certainty and intention, revealing our unknown strengths at just the right time.

Smells like: Cypriol, HaloMusk(T);

Stallion Accord, Suede, Myrrh (H); 

Olibanum, Cedarwood Heart (B) 


Crafted around an intoxicatingly dirty Turkish rose. Earthy patchouli, lily of the valley, hints of amber, and freshly budding rose nectar. Spring’s awakening — its longing and its promise. Karat EG embodies the nostalgia for moments in our past but also the bright hopefulness for the future. The perennial nature of spring is a gentle reminder of where we’ve been but all that is yet to be explored. By perfumer Carlos Benaïm.

Smells like: Fresh Earth (T); 

Turkish Rose, Carrot Heart (H);

Patchouli Heart, Amber (B)

Durban Jane:

Enveloping and comforting, containing warm hints of sandalwood, orris, and ambrette with an unexpected and mischievous nuttiness. Fresh autumn woods, bright playful bursts of resins. Cocoon-like feelings of home. Durban Jane represents our deep connection to a sense of place — and the duality and brilliance that lives within us. Its warmth and dimensionality evokes feelings of peace, optimism, humor and togetherness. By Perfumer Celine Barel.

Smells like: Pink Pepper, Ambrette (T);  

Orange Flower, Orris, Labdanum (H);

Cedarwood, Sandalwood (B)


Fresh, crisp and bold. A modern vetiver composed of hay absolute, cut grass and freshly turned earth from galloping hooves, threaded with a bright neroli top. The feeling of grass and soft powder from a polo field underfoot. The freedom of a child’s laugh in the distance chasing the sun. Macanudo represents both the groundedness and exuberance of nature. It evokes a sense of steadfast purpose with glimmering rays of love and light. By Perfumer Mackenzie Reilly

Smells like: Fresh Grass, Bergamot (T); 

Hay, Jonquille, Wet Earth (H);

Haitian Vetiver, Tonka Bean (B)


A mystical, mesmerizing, and highly contrasted composition with primitive oud and carnal tuberose by Celine Barel. Refreshed with pimento leaf and a sparkle of neroli that gracefully floats upon the skin, emanating an air of undeniable attraction and enchanting redolence. Sensual and charming, Canaan represents the exhilarating feeling of freedom and passion. The suspension of disbelief, and the sheer pleasure of being spellbound.

Smells like: Cardamom, Pimento Leaf (T); 

Tuberose Absolute, Neroli (H); 

Woody Notes, Tonka, Oud (B)


A sophisticated, reticent and textured fougère that lingers on the skin. Pulses of French lavender and orris awaken the mind and body. A delicate wrapping of ambrette seed, musk and amber leaves a calming warmth and gentle embrace brings serenity to the soul. Noisette is a reflection of individuality and peaceful inquisition. A contrast of instincts, it appears soft but unwavering, subtle but strong, quiet but confident while brewing close to the skin in a place held only for those we allow into our precious human spirit.

 Smells like: Magnolia Flower, Musk ( TOP )

 Orris Concrete, French Lavender Oil ( HEART )

;Ambrette Seed, Lavandin Absolute, White Amber ( BASE )