Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle
Mar Mar Candle

Mar Mar Candle

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Coconut wax blend candle

Cotton wick
40hr burn time
Reusable vessel
Ships in reusable mud-dyed cotton pouch.

Hand poured in LA by Light 4 Life and The Exceptional Children’s Foundation, an organization that provides jobs for adults with disabilities.

Saint MartinHashish, Nag Champa, Mesquite, Vervaine

Embodies the spirit of smoky late night walks down the tree-lined Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.  Smoky / Intense / Spicy

Other Desert CitiesAgarwood, Mesquite, Santal

Sparked by a highway sign and inspired by the brutal and beautiful landscapes of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, and beyond.

Mono No Aware:   Tobacco, Vervaine

Mono No Aware is a Japanese phrase translating most simply as a sensitivity to ephemera, bittersweetness, or the happiness that something has happened mixed with the sadness that it’s no longer happening.

Moon Beach: Coconut, Vanilla, Lime, Lychee

A hot afternoon spent at Sarakiniko, a volcanic rock beach on the island of Milos.  Cold wine, a picnic of bread and honey, and a layer of sunscreen over salty skin.

North:  Cypress, Piñon, Eucalyptus, Jasmine

A canopy of branches, a zen forest off the highway, a warm wind. You’re traveling North to return to a place you haven’t yet been. Woody / Comforting / Clean

Lovers Only:  Musk, Mint, Patchouli,Sandalwood, Fig

Originally created for two friends on their wedding day, this scent evokes warmth and coolness, mystery and comfort, and deep longing.